So these depths,

that layer of utter unconsciousness in our dream, contain at the same time the key to individual completeness and wholeness, in other words, to healing. The meaning of 'whole' or 'wholeness' is to make holy or to heal. The descent into the depths will bring healing. It is the way to the total being, to the treasure which suffering mankind is forever seeking, which is hidden in the place guarded by terrible danger. This is the place of primordial unconsciousness and at the same time the place of healing and redemption, because it contains the jewel of wholeness. It is the cave where the dragon of chaos lives and it is also the indestructible city, the magic circle or temenos, the sacred precinct where all the split-off parts of the personality are united.

C. G. Jung, Analytical Psychology: It's theory and practice (The Tavistock Lectures)